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JHI works to improve the K-12 marketplace by promoting school choice and competition. JHI believes that parents should direct their child’s education and that every child is unique; therefore, parents require a variety of affordable options in order to choose the scenario that best meets their child’s needs.

JHI promotes high-performing traditional public schools, charter schools, tax-credit scholarships, vouchers, distance education, blended learning and homeschooling as some of the many options available to parents to achieve this end.

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NYC report on charter school boom aids school choice push

The New York City Independent Budget Office (IBO) recently released a report that shows charter schools are expanding and the demand for them growing in the Big Apple. The study documents the rapid increase in the number of charter schools operating in the city in

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Forbes Gives Two Thumbs Up to ESAs

The late University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman famously observed that the United States ranks first in higher education across the globe while in terms of elementary and secondary education, however, the U.S. ranks near the bottom. The disparity stems mostly from choice. In higher

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5 Thoughts on Nevada’s Landmark School Choice Law

Last week, Nevada governor Brian Sandoval signed into law the nation’s most ambitious school choice program. The new Education Savings Account (ESA) legislation has drawn much attention already (for a stellar summary, see this Friedman Foundation take by Michael Chartier). Normally, I tend to skip

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